Saturday, July 12, 2008

whew, I'm tired

I wanted to practice swimming today and flip turns :) So I got up earlier on a Saturday than I did during the week to make it to the pool during lap swim. It wasn't nearly as fun without my cute little boy toy instructor (hahahaha). But it was good for me to get in the pool. I went to a different Y today. This one had a "real" deep end. (the one I usually go to has a 5' deep end). I hadn't anticipate the deep end and I kind of freaked out when I started to see the bottom drop away from me. This is a problem I've experienced in the past so it wasn't new to me, but I really wanted to get past this fear. So rather than doing a flip turn that first time down (or I should say attempting one!), I just got to the end wall and hung on. I caught my breath and told myself this was no big deal. It wasn't like I needed to touch the bottom. I can swim the length of the pool. I had to talk myself down while taking a few deep breaths.

To my amazement and delight, it actually worked. I got over myself. I swam back to the other end, caught my breath again, then continued. Next time down I actually tried to do a flip turn. It wasn't pretty, but I tried - and I tried, and I tried. I ended up swimming 500 yards today. Not a lot if you know what you're doing. Quite a bit for me. But it was good practice and I good mental exercise, getting myself pulled together.

Then I did the impossible... I changed into my running clothes. I kid you not, even a little damp, changing into a jog bra is the hardest thing known to woman-kind. I swear I just about approached a complete naked stranger and asked her to straighten me out. Picture it, naked in the locker room, the jog bra twisted around my clavicle. Seriously! If someone were going to invent something worth while, it would be a jog bra that you can actually get on and off without having to do naked gymnastics. And I don't want one of those with the industrial size clasps on the back. It's truly not necessary for an industrial size anything in that department!

So the run was a little more difficult than usual cause well, I went for a swim first and it was hot and it was humid... the fartleks were okay, but I couldn't really get my heartrate under control. Then it started to rain. I was so wet went I got back to the gym that the girl behind the counter kind of snarled at me as I handed her my gym card. Well, SORRRRRY but I have no control over the weather... and I'm working out here!

Now it's time for a nap

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