Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Peace in the pool

I find peace in the pool... and laughter (completely at myself - which is a good thing)... and a huge learning curve. But I continue to be amazed and pleased at how much I am enjoying the pool. I wish I could say it was relaxing - in some ways it is, but it is such a challenge for my mind that I never get to that zen state - roll, reach, exhale, inhale, elbow up, hips up, change stroke, hips down more, what the heck are my feet doing, turn, push, float, glide.... but I'm enjoying the process and hoping that in the long run it just makes me a better runner.

And tomorrow, it's a nice early day - try to get that run in before it gets so hot and humid that it's completely unbearable - the weather being what it is, "before" might have actually happened yesterday. Tomorrow is a killer run - a hill workout with lots of repeats, zone work, fun stuff. But with running I don't have to think. I know to breathe, I know to put one foot in front of the other. And I know that I've already programmed Mr. Garmin with the various repeats and zones and intervals... so tomorrow no thinking, just doing. I will conquer the hills in the heat in preparation for yet another hilly 10 mile in my not too distant future.



Alili said...

Crim? You masochist.

CAMI said...

No, the run thru Hell.