Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm in a mood

Man, got the cranky pants on nice and tight this morning! Don't know why exactly. I do know it's not PMS, so cross that off the list. Maybe it's the fact that I did such a good job cleaning yesterday I couldn't find my water bottle handle-thingy for my run this morning. (Since been found in the place I looked three times!) Maybe it's the fact that I had to move a bunch of furniture this morning in preparation for the carpet cleaning guys. Maybe it's that property tax bill that came in the mail yesterday... or the fact that people were talking over me in the first meeting of the morning... or the number on the scale this morning. In all likelihood, probably that last one. And why do I let those kind of things ruin my day? Cause I know I didn't eat "right" all day yesterday - not completely over the top bad, just not perfect. And I know that I can't eat perfect all the time so am I destined to just weigh more than I want to, never have those washboard abs, always struggle to fit into my jeans?!?!?

And why is it that when you hear or say, "I'm in a mood" it's never a good mood? It's not a precursor to and I feel so good, life is great, the sun is shining, I'm happy to be alive. It's a precursor to doomsday, my life sucks, I'm pissed, people are stupid, why did I get out of bed today. It's a warning to all who approach. Beware, cranky pants on nice and tight. Don't get too close, bark is not necessarily worse than the bite.

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