Saturday, April 5, 2008


Holy crap! Omigod! And seriously??? I can't wrap my head around sub-9 minute pace for a 10k> I can't. And yet... and yet, I did it! I DID IT! This is a huge breakthrough for me. It was in my head. It was totally in my head. I kept telling myself at mile 4 and then throughout mile 5 - yes, the whole duration of mile 5, I am limitless. I can do this. I have trained for this. And when I wanted to stop and throw up, I didn't. And when I wanted to cry, well, I might have a little, but I kept going. And yes, I did walk after that bouncing bridge to get my legs back under me, but WHO puts a bouncing wooden bridge a mile from the finish of a 10K, I ask you??? I was huffing and pufffing and DYING.... but I did it. I have never had less left at the end of the race as I did at this one. I left nothing on the table... and yet.... I recovered quickly and easily. Ready to go.

Now it's time for some FOOD!

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Alili said...

You did an AWESOME job today! Glad I could be there:)