Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm stealing from Ness' blog because her words really touched a nerve with me. I am not a triathlete like the rest of you super human studs :) I am just a runner. Someone who doesn't have to deal with equipment failure, but daily deals with brain cramps and limitations I set upon myself.

So here's what Ness said that I just MUST incorporate into my life, my though process on the run, my race coming up tomorrow.

"I am absolutely done with creating false limits for myself on the run. No more sabotage. No more excuses. Time to face up to my fears and see what happens.
Well, if you are in the mood for an expansive and freeing experience, I highly recommend considering the possibility that you are a limitless being who is capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to. ... I was trying to entertain the belief that I am capable of running fast; That the only limits on my performance today would be those I imposed on myself."

So I'm going to internalize her mantra and see what I can do for myself. Wrap my mind around the fact that I CAN go fast. That I've gone faster at distance this year than I ever have before... That I have no limits. That I will NOT sabotage myself either with nutrition or missed training or ugly thoughts. I WILL be limitless tomorrow.

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Alili said...

You are not just a runner. You are a runner. Period.

You will do well tomorrow. You are strong. You are able. BELIEVE.