Sunday, April 20, 2008

My pledge

After a week of business travel that included little sleep and bad eating... can I come back and meet or exceed my goals for the half? I struggled through my workouts all week - on treadmills and crappy exercise bikes. I slept little, but had fun. And I paid. I paid on my tempo run done after sitting on an airplane off and on for 12 hours. And then I slept. What is it about sleeping in your own bed, Advil PM in the system, and no dog to wake you for a morning walk? It was bliss! Slept 10 hours.

Now I've made up some time on my recovery run, done a few stretches and had time to think and review my schedule for next week. I have to say, I'm a bit nervous about the half coming up on Saturday. Easy, steady, fast, FASTER.... can I do it? Can I hit my goal? Time will tell, but I know one thing for sure...this week I will NOT sabotage myself. I will eat right. I will sleep. I will do my prescribed workouts... and I make this pledge to myself: no matter what happens on Saturday, I will continue this "clean living" until the marathon. I will give myself every chance I can to meet and EXCEED my goals. I owe myself that much.


Alili said...

Yes you can and I will be there...even if it means leaving at 5am;)

HappyBlogChick said...

You *can* do it - I can't wait to read about it!