Friday, April 11, 2008


whew.... so glad my long run is finished... and I made it without a single rain drop even though it is now threatening thunderstorms, tornados, and hail. Lovely! Sounds like a good time to make some coffee and cookies.

Now I was so excited about my race time the other day that I got ambitious. Ambition is generally a good thing, unless you are talking about a long zone 1/2 run with some zone 3 thrown in for fun.... I mapped out a new route cause I wanted some adventure and a softer surface, gravel and dirt. I thought 2:40, should do about 16 miles in that amount of time... so I went on line and mapped it out... hmmmm it says it's 17 miles.

Well, okay, what's one more mile after 16? I can do this. No problem. I'm figuring things in my head as I run. Tooling along, feeling pretty good for the first hour and a quarter or so. Hey, this feels good. Still in the zone. Nothing in my way. Finally get to the point where I can turn. At this point, I think I've gone about 11 miles, but I don't know for sure. I'm just going by feel. And I'm starting to feel it, starting to feel the uneven gravel surface that's tiring out my feet, starting to feel the headwind that I've turned into, starting to feel the HILLS that I didn't realize were so frequent.

When Mr. Garmin told me I had 10 minutes left in my planned workout, I thought, hmmm... this isn't quite right. Can't see the next road I'm supposed to turn on yet and there are a couple more turns after that. Not. Going. To. Make. It. At this point, I'm shuffling. Caring the ELF and all that cake she's so found of eating after a monster weekend of workouts.

So.. 2:40? Turns out I can only get 15.5 done in 2:40 today. And I still had one more downhill, one more uphill and a long straightaway, yes another 1.5 miles to go. So my workout was 3 hours. The last mile and a half truly pathetic pace, but I figured since that was bonus/extra time on the feet (the day before I'm supposed to somehow put them in high heels for a wedding), that I should probably get the old heart rate solidly into zone 1 and stay there.

I'm pooped! But I'm done. Yippeee

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