Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm scared

There, I said it right out loud in front of the three of you who read this :) Silly, I know, but it's true. I have a 10k coming up this weekend and I'm scared. Afraid of a little running... at a distance I've run before and actually love. Afraid of pushing my limits... Afraid of not meeting my goal. Afraid of meeting my goal... Afraid of a little pain... it might hurt. Actually if I run the way the coach says I should, it WILL hurt. And I'm afraid.

I'm also afraid that perhaps, just maybe, I have faster paces inside me somewhere - and they've been hiding all along behind my fear. What happens if I go faster? Will it hurt more? Or (gasp) will I realize that I've been holding back all this time and missed out on something?

But that's living in the past and I've done enough of that. It's time to live in the present and strive for future success. It's time to appreciate the present moment for exactly what it is, accept it, learn from it, and continue to move forward. It's time to stop whining and start DOING!

So, as the saying goes... GAME ON!!!

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IM Able said...

My duathlon this weekend? Scared out of my head. Stupid things, like can I ride the hills, what if the second 5K feels impossible. Things that don't mesh with the realities of my training, but still lurk in the back of my brain. The only thing that makes them tolerable is the chance the hills will feel like bumps and the last 5K will be a negative split.

How can I love it when it scares me so much?

Oh, yeah. Right.