Monday, January 28, 2008

A good run despite the idiots

Well, it wasn't 8:30, but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself anyway. After running for an entire hour, I picked up the pace and ran 2 miles at 8:44 pace and then a 3rd at 9:30 pace. I was pushing hard and I'm sore today to prove it. But man! What a great feeling. I did have it in me. I will get that fast someday soon - when the conditions are better and I've got a little more training under my belt. This week is rest week. Now, that's not to be confused with sloth week. It just means only 4 hours of training this week - including my 5k and some speed work - shorter workouts at a faster speed. Woo hoo!

Now I can't let it go by unsaid - thank you to the 10% of the population who know that pedestrians have the right of way and actually slow down and move over when you see someone running on the street. To the rest of you, I say, WHAT THE F ARE YOU THINKING? This isn't some kind of game to see who can run the runner off the road or OVER me. It isn't a game of chicken. Obviously you're going to win, you're bigger and you have a CAR. This isn't a game of see who can go by the fastest and get the other covered in slush and crap! I mean seriously, I was already as far to the side of the road as I could get, running in slush and snow, slipping and sliding in crud and chunks of ice... GIVE ME A BREAK!

Just another reason I'm part of the "Justice for All" campaign. Look it up. It's a great movement, started by the AMA to bring awareness and yes, tougher punishments for people who don't pay attention to others on the road. Look up from you cell phone, your big mac, your radio... stop yelling at the kids, picking things up off the floor, reading a book for crying out loud! And drive! This is not the time to multi-task or sleep. This requires your full attention even if it's a drive you make every day.

Ok, I feel a little bit better now. Someday I'll tell you why I joined the campaign but today is not the day. All in all, it was a good run because I was able to overcome some pretty crappy conditions and still push myself to limits I didn't know I had.

Now, go kick some butt!

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HappyBlogChick said...

I'm impressed with you, too! Wow!

I agree with you 100% in re: the jackarses on the road. Hello! Drive, people!