Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I soooo didn't want to get up this morning. I am so tired - these early mornings are taking a toll. I've been trying for 5:30 so I can eat, walk the dog and get my workout in before work. I haven't made it out of bed before 6 so it's a good thing that I don't have to actually go any further than down the hall to get to work... or even take a shower... some days it's really tough to get a shower in before my first call of the day. I don't know what I would ever do if I had to actually shower, get dressed and drive somewhere to work. Working from home definitely has it's advantages.

My run went well this morning. Hills. I pushed myself to get to the end - 60 minutes because I didn't want to let my coach down or let myself down. I wanted to quit at about 40 minutes, but I kept thinking what would my coach say. She'd be disappointed. I'd have to tell her I quit for no good reason. So I kept going. Accountability. Something to be said for that. Maybe I should try that a little more at work.

I'm reading a great book about getting more out of work by putting more in, being motivated, doing your best at every opportunity. Never letting yourself down because ultimately that's who you disappoint and who pays the price. I find whenever I slack off for no good reason I feel guilty, worthless, disappointed, frustrated...

So let's just say it right now... I need to be more accountable to myself at work... more accountable to myself in my food intake. I've got the accountability in my training, now I need to put those same skills to use in the rest of my life. Be accountable. Be strong.

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