Monday, January 14, 2008

oh yes, my date

Well, he was very nice, taller than I expected (good thing), had hair (good thing), knew some of the same people I do although not well (also good thing) and even grew up close to the small town I grew up in (not necessarily a good thing). He could talk without spitting, didn't seem emotionally scarred, has been divorced for more than a minute (actually almost 4 years) and didn't seem like a stalker. We had a nice time at dinner, but I have to say if I never saw him again I wouldn't be heartbroken. I think we could be friends, but there was absolutely NO chemistry. I have this problem... I do this thing when I'm out on a date (yes, even the first date) where I imagine kissing the guy. Lips are very important. (Hands are another one of my favorite features, but that's neither here nor there for this discussion.) The thing is, I can't imagine kissing this guy. And well, he is going through some bankruptcy stuff with his business due to the economy and he spends all his free time in Mexico or Las Vegas. I have nothing against either place, but neither are high on my list for being very original. And he wears jewelry - you know that bracelet that Joey gave Chandler in Friends? I swear he was wearing it! So, I just don't think anything will come of it :) Ah well, probably for the best. Someone is out there waiting to sweep my off my feet like a romance novel hero, but I just haven't met him yet.

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HappyBlogChick said...

d'oh! No chemistry - that's bad news.

Maybe you could consider opening your mind to the bald men. There are some sexy shaved-headed men out there. Think of Mr. Clean. Not only is he a hottie, but he cleans, too!