Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter running

I had the best time running this morning! I don't usually run outside in the winter... too cold, too slippery, too dark. But this morning I found myself without a treadmill and a run scheduled so what was I to do? I put on all the cold weather clothes I own, including a face mask that I've never worn running... but that turned out to be a saviour. It was only 11 degrees outside as I headed out the door, there was a light snow falling, with several inches on the ground already, and a light wind that occasionally gusted up to 20 mph. So you can see where I wouldn't really want to go out in this!

I started out slow, my toes already like ice cubes, my feet covered with snow about 10 seconds after I got out the door. I swear about five minutes in with my feet still freezing, I was smiling. No, not smiling, grinning ear to ear! Like a little kid playing in the snow without a care in the world. It was just the best feeling! I can't remember I had so much fun running. Maybe part of it was that I got to do fartleks. Maybe it was because I had no expectations for HR or pace or distance. I was just going for a 50 minute run with gradual increases and decreases in pace throughout. I don't know why exactly and I won't even try to figure it out, but I fell in love with the sport of running today - after nearly 25 years of practice! :) Carry on friends

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