Monday, January 14, 2008

Long runs and drills

Gotta say, my run on Saturday was great. I did it REALLY easy, but I had permission and that was such a nice feeling - just relax, stay in zone 1, walk the hills. Went almost 7 miles without even trying. Then strength workout yesterday. Love the gym! Love the weights! My ass hurts! Oh man, I'm not kidding. Leg press and lunges and running up hills - I can feel the pounds melting off, but then why doesn't the scale agree?!? Today I did run drills. Now, I've gotta say drills are NOT my favorite thing, not something I normally do, but the coach says I must and I guess I am paying her for a reason. I also have to admit that the best time to date for a marathon was the year I was going to the track and running drills and speed work... so maybe there's something to this. Strong legs. Strong lungs. Strong core. I believe I can achieve! Go forth and conquer friends. It's Monday and it's going to be marvelous!

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