Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ha ha ha

Raspberries to you mother nature! I got my run in this morning when it was "nice" out. Let me define nice for all you folks living in warm climates like Florida or sunny California... it was 35 degrees, gray, and spitting rain, but only a little and the wind wasn't blowing much.

Now let me remind you, it's the end of March. And as I look out my window in the dark, what do I see? Snow! That's right, I said SNOW. Not pretty little flakes that hit the ground and melt, but actual, accumulating snow - 3-6 inches of the stuff.

So there! I got my workout in before it snowed. And tomorrow is a day off... so I'm crossing my fingers and my toes for it to all go away by Saturday when I have to do a HARD run. Yes, that's supposed to be in capital letters, cause that's the way the coach wrote it... followed by moderate (NOT easy) intervals... so that at the end I am ready to puke. Doesn't that sound like fun? Sure hope it's not snowing by then.


HappyBlogChick said...

Gosh, yes, puking always sounds like fun.


Alili said...

Let me know how it goes tomorrow. :)