Friday, March 21, 2008

Run through the finish with your hair on fire

Awesome run today! I mean, it didn't feel great, but the time was great! I pushed myself to maintain race pace for 4 miles after about a mile and a half warm up. It was cold and windy (of course!) and hilly (also of course). The first mile or so was no big deal, maybe even the first 2 miles, but then I started to feel it in my lungs, heart beating... I kept telling myself to concentrate on how my legs felt, the turn over pace, this is what race pace should feel like in my legs and if I can keep this pace for this training run, then I will be able to keep it for the 10k coming up. I can do this. I let my legs carry me and I focused my mind on maintaining - on going through the finish!

And I did. Race pace is 9:05. I ran those 4 miles in 8:55 pace. Woo hoo! I CAN do it!


HappyBlogChick said...

Wow, go you! You CAN do it, indeed!

Great work.

Alili said...

Sweet. Pass along some positive thoughts-I'm going long in a few hours.