Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am glad I'm a runner

Today, I am glad I am a runner. I am glad I have the ability to put on my shoes, put one foot in front of the other, step outside into the fresh morning air and leave my troubles behind. I am glad that no matter what happens with work or friends or family, I can run. I can find a place where I just am. Where I don't have to BE anything to anyone. I can ruminate over things and solve problems or I can set them all down on the curb for a few minutes or a few miles and just BE. I can always pick those problems up when I get back.

And with that thought, I didn't try to outrun anything today even though there was plenty in my head to try to get away from. I decided to run the run the coach had planned for me. Don't push it. Keep it easy, zone 1 and 2. Just run. So I did. I ran 4.8 miles in 9:59 pace. I ran up and down hills, I ran in the wind... and I never felt like I was pushing my limits. I was just being. Just there. Just experiencing the world around me and the feel of my body, the strength, the calm, the determination.

Today, I am.

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