Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts from the road

Why is it that every way I go, it's always up hill? And why does a perfectly sunny day turn into snow five minutes after you get out the door? How do stones the size of marbles get into your shoes when you run? And why is it that those same marbles turn into grains of sand when you take them out of your shooes? Have you ever tried to take your shoe off while standing on one foot in the snow after running 2 hours? Without falling over? Or had a gel explode in your pocket then stick your hand into said pocket for said gel? Does the sticky ever come off?

Well, at least it was warm enough so the gatorade didn't freeze. I held the pace I was supposed to and shuffled home around the lake. BY the way, it's 13.92 miles... which was farther than I thought and just the right distance all at the same time.... And the hills... well they started at just the right time... right as I was supposed to start my pace. whew.... I'm beat! And stanky!

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Alili said...

But you did it-and I'm proud of you.