Thursday, February 21, 2008

Disappointment on the treadmill

I ate well. I slept well. I did all the positive self-talk before and during... and yet, my legs, my mind, my lungs.... I couldn't get it together on the treadmill today. I couldn't get my legs to keep race pace for four whole miles. Will I ever get there? I have to do this for 26.2 miles and I can't do it for even 3 without stopping to walk. How will I ever get there????

But the beauty of having a coach is... you tell her you've failed, you tell her how you failed... and she says. Don't worry about it. Pacing on the treadmill is HARD! It's hard physically. It's hard mentally. It's just plain hard.

And I say to myself...But think of all the work you've done already.... Remember how fast you went in that 5K? Remember how you thought you'd die, but you didn't? Remember how wonderful you felt after that accomplishment? Remember that sometimes, things just don't work. Toughen up. Get over it. Do it tomorrow. Do it better. Put it behind you and move forward. We can only move forward because as I know better than most... there is NO GOING BACK!

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