Friday, February 8, 2008

Defeated or inspired?

I'm still trying to decide which. Last night at the gym while I was doing what seemed like a pretty simple Bosu ball routine (I say seemed because I was very sore this morning!), I watched a 10 year old girl do chin ups. She did at least 3 before her dad had to help. They weren't perfect form, but I have to say I wasn't even trying not to stare because it is such an unusual site. Most grown women and many men can't do chin ups/pull ups. Yet here was this 10 year old girl excited to do them. Eager. I can't do one without assistance, and maybe only a dozen with.... geez! I felt like a slacker... and then she moved on to the seated row machine. She was pulling 50 pounds. I don't think this girl weighed more than 80! Holy cow! I thought I really need to step things up.

Then I had to remind myself, those aren't my goals. My goals are towards running faster and farther and my coach is helping me achieve those. I have to admit though, I'm going to start adding pull ups to my routine again. I guess I was inspired after all.

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HappyBlogChick said...

I remember as kids that was something that A LOT of us could do. Or perhaps I should say a lot of THEM, because I could never do more than one. But yeah, over the years something happens and then very few folks can do pull-ups.

Good for you for being inspired. I'm not quite there yet fitness wise, but maybe that's a good future goal ... pull-ups.