Sunday, February 10, 2008


Ok, I've been looking forward to running my long run outside all week. And today it was so cold that even my tough little border collie raised a paw in protest. Mom, it's too cold to pee outside. Mom, my feet hurt. Mom, can we go back inside please. And if he can't stay outside for more than 5 minutes, I know it's too cold for me to be out there for 90. For the record, zero degrees with a windchill of -20. Dang!

So I succumbed to the treadmill. 90 minutes looking at a wall. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is! It wasn't a bad run except for that wall. I listened to my ipod for about an hour, but then I had to rip it off my arm. It was driving me crazy - the singing, the hotness in my ears from those stupid little earbuds, the sweaty spot on my arm from that leather strap... just get it off me!

I ran 30 minutes in zone 1 (SLOW), then 30 minutes in zone 2 (comfortable), then 20 minutes supposed to be in low zone 3 at 9:15 pace... hmmm... take your pick, you get 9:15 pace or low zone 3, but you don't get both for long... at least not yet. I picked the heartrate this time, but only because I just spent all that money on a cool heartrate monitor. I figured I better get some use out of the thing!

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HappyBlogChick said...

My goodness, that's cold! You should get an award for working out and not curling up on the couch wrapped in a blanket drinking hot chocolate.