Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Time changes all things. Dislike something? Don't worry. It will change. Like something? Don't get too attached. It too will change. This is why the buddhists, the spiritualists, people in the know all tell us to live in the present.

Why is this important?

10 years ago yesterday... I was in a beautiful place with a wonderful man saying yes to the rest of my life. It turned out to be yes for the rest of his life. It turned out to be not nearly long enough. So while I have happy memories, sometimes these memories can turn against me - point out how different the present is, how lonely and sad compared to the past.

I've gotten better. I've made adjustments. I don't dwell on these things any longer. For the most part, these memories are happy and part of who I am, who I was. They are, however, not who I will be. So yesterday was tough, but today was better. Today is the present. Today there is nothing to worry about, nothing to dwell on, nothing to fear. Today there are no problems. Today just is.

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