Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's a race on Saturday

Race coming up on Saturday in Oregon so I don't know when I'll find a computer to post again. Hmmm... do they have computers in Oregon? :) I can't wait to just get on the darn plane tomorrow. THEN, then I will feel like I'm on my way and I can relax, nothing left to do, no more lists to make or things to cross off, just get on the plane.

I'm looking forward to the race for lots of reasons. I want to see if I can achieve the goal I have set for myself, the one I've worked so hard for the last few months, the one I've secretly held for years. I want to see how much working with a coach pays off. I know it has already - big time, but this will be the big test.

And then I want to take a break. I'm tired. I'm on the verge of injury. I'm eating really poorly. I'm sleeping poorly. I'm stressed. I need to relax. So I looked at my schedule post-race today - thinking I needed to write it down and take it with me cause I'm going to be on a much needed vacation for an entire week. And you know what it said? Day off, rest and recover, eat right, get plenty of sleep. Cool! EVERY DAY! WHAT? SEVEN DAYS OFF??? That can't possibly be right? What if I want to run? I know I'm going to want to run. I've already packed running clothes for at least a couple of additional runs. Maybe I'll pack a swim suit. Surely that would be okay... a good thing to do during recovery week. I mean, I know I need a break, but a whole week off without running or biking or ANYTHING?

I thought to myself, surely she doesn't mean that. Maybe she thinks I'm going to quit training cause I haven't told her what my next A race is. Then I read her blog. You see, my coach just took a week off herself - almost a whole week of doing nothing prescribed by her new coach. And she mentioned something in an email to me today about relaxing and not stressing out and you know, staying off my feet. But all week? Hmmmm..... I guess there's a reason I pay her. She might know what she's talking about, but I'm going to keep an extra pair of running shorts in my suitcase just in case. I'm going to listen to my body and my heart and mind though. If everyone is in agreement that ice cream or wine and cheese is better than running, I might just listen afterall.

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