Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Now, I know all you hard core triathletes are going to laugh, but bear with me as I'm not even close to "there" yet. I took the bike out today for maybe the third time. Now, you must understand, when I say third time, I don't mean, just third time this year, I pretty much mean third time since I was twelve. Okay, it's a different bike - this one has GEARS! - but still you get the point.

Anyway, it was just a nice easy 30 minute spin out the legs ride after doing a killer hill run workout yesterday. I had a blast! I am NOT fast, but I was faster this time than last time. I am not super coordinated on the bike, but I didn't fall over at any of the intersections I had to stop at this time :) (Boy that was fun the last time, just stopped, got stuck in the pedal and fell right over - yep, there were people there.... lots of people!)

So why was today so fun? Today I practiced cornering. I've been reading all these blogs about people racing tris, kicking butt on the bike up hills and around corners, holding lines.... all these things that are not issues on the run, but on the bike... seems like these are things I should practice if I ever want to get into this awesome sport. So today I practiced holding my line around corners... then in the middle of one of those corners I let my mind wander to the way my husband used to corner when he was racing motorcycles. It was soooo cool... knee down, actually touching sometimes ... I have pictures and it's just the coolest thing. Well, I got to wondering... could you do that on a bicycle?

Mind you, I wouldn't do that on a bicycle... wouldn't even try it less than a month before the big race I've been training for months for, but it made me think just enough that I kind of freaked myself out on a piece of wet, sandy pavement. Whew! Another thing about the bike. you can't just let your mind wander off like you can while you're running. Better get my head in the game!

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