Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Are we there yet?

Well, I'm in full on taper mode with the marathon coming up in just a few short days. For me, that also means I'm in sabotage mode. Spent the weekend eating potato salad, rhubarb crisp, hamburger... topped it off with chocolate mouse pie and potato chips yesterday. I think I'm officially done eating crap now though cause I FEEL like crap at this point :(

And just because I'm in taper, I can't seem to find enough to do to keep me busy. I find myself wandering around the house aimlessly looking. Looking for what? Cheese? Chocolate? Wine? My running shoes? No, just my mind! Gads! Does anyone know what I did with it? I freaked out a bit ago when one of my friends asked me what hotel I'll be staying at. That's easy, it's right here in my race folder. Hmmm... plane info, rental car info, maps of the Oregon coast.... no hotel information.... finally found it in the second email account I looked in. THAT was fun... zone2!

Not to be outdone by my mind, my body seems to be in sabotage mode as well... that's a new pain in my groin. Kind of tweaky when I walk, but it doesn't hurt when I run so it's not a problem, right? And my knee keeps seizing up for no apparent reason as I sit at my desk and try to fit four days worth of work into two. There might be just a wee bit of extra stress lurking around in my body trying to get out in new and exciting ways.

Hurry up and get here race! I don't know how much longer I can take it! I'm going to explode.

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