Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I want to play

We're 5 days post surgery and today the boy said, "Mom, I want to play." He picked up his toy and tried to run (he was on a leash so that didn't work). He saw his "cousin" rolling on the ground, moaning and tried to charge her, engage her in play. Again, he was on a leash so this didn't work. But I have to say, even though his leg isn't fully functioning yet, his mind has come out of the drug induced fog and now he's ready to play. Only problem is, he can't.

He still has one week until staples come out (which means 9 more days of cone head - got to do two days post removal). Then another 6 1/2 weeks for his post-surgery x-rays that will tell us if the bone is healing as it should. Then, maybe then, we can go on a short walk, no playing, no darting, no running off leash... for another two months AFTER that check up if the check up goes well.

Have I mentioned I'm going crazy?

I just about lost it this morning when I heard a thump in the bedroom. I can't be sure, but I think he attempted to jump up on the bed. Damn it! Did I forget, did I really forget to close the door? For crying out loud! So I've been watching him like a hawk all day. Is he limping more? Is that screw by the ankle more pronounced than it was yesterday? Is he in pain? He's a dog. I can't ask him. Well, I could, but he can't tell me. So I'm just going to wing it... and keep that darn door closed!

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