Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm having fun again. I've been running more this week. Fast runs. How fun! And back in the pool. I didn't know I'd missed it until I got back in yesterday - the pool was closed last week. Yesterday I went back and swam an actual swim workout - did the actual rest intervals I was supposed to, did the time splits I was supposed to... and finished the entire thing five minutes sooner than I had on the schedule. This is a big deal for me cause I'm still getting used to the pool. The pool is becoming my friend - even though it felt like bath water yesterday - 87 degrees! Whew! Just a tad warm.

Today was a swim and a run - both short, both fun. I've started running with music again - when I feel like it. I've started doing more of that when I feel like it, what I feel like.... It's nice. I'm going to use that small bit of motivation and momentum to get myself away from the no bake cookies (seriously been eating way too much sugar lately) and wine, stop feeling sad and sorry for myself and bored. Start doing instead of just being. Start living in the present instead of the past or the future. I've found that both have the ability to make me absolutely miserable. That's just no way to live life. So accept what is.... enjoy today, right now... this is life! Live it!

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